Project Action Plans.

  • 2018 starts with a communicative intent on action.
    Fiza and the Senior class continue to pilot a student led initiative combining Irish Lamh signs and core word symbols.
    Staff are looking forward to accredited training in module 1 lamh signs later in the year while Fiza keeps the action going. Thank you Fiza

  • Visit by Flemington Fulton Speech and Language therapists to present their experience in the setting up of communication interest on the 24th October.

  • Creating an Erasmus+ web-page.

  • Producing 26 Communication passport for each non-verbal student in the school.

Arising from that, organising Communication Interest Clubs in School time.

Organising passport swaps to foster and further develop peer friendships.

Begin a local social communication project with local shops and services.

  • Send participants to forthcoming Communication matters conference and other AAC related events and school visits.

  • All staff to be invited to complete an on-line 40 min AAC survey.

  • Begin observational records in participating classes for Learning Round programme.

  • Send a class group to Belfast and host student groups from Belfast and Wales in our school.

  • 5 classes to begin a “Core Words” symbols teaching and support programme.

  • The school to incorporate a symbol and text environmental signage project.

  • Some classes to begin literacy approach using symbols.

  • New resources for non-verbal students using an awarded bursary to the project.

  • New existing resources to be held in a resource room dedicated to shared AAC systems.

  • Video clips from parents to be gathered on a see-saw type app from home communication samples.

  • Teaching Resources team possibility?

  • Stop Everything and Talk week following with D.I.Y week repeated.