Introducing “The Erazi Mascots”

The idea of the Erazi Mascots came from the success of “ Ben Roberts” who acted asa substitute travellers for students of Scoil Mochua Dublin who for various reasons could not travel on the Comenius Student Programme. The Comenius programme facilitated 1 class group from Scoil Mochua Ireland to join in travel opportunities with students from other special schools from Wales, Cyprus and Turkey to visit each others schools and countries. Ben Roberts Mascot encouraged the broadening of student experiences of learning outside the traditional school based classroom.

Ben Roberts now has a further role to play in our Erasmus+ communication project. Teachers and students will have him with his other Bear friends attend communication classes, projects, activities, outings, to document their attendance photographically and post their experience with a blurb on this page.

Each bear represents each schools focus topic areas and actions focus.

Ben Roberts now becomes Scoil Mochua Irelands “Ace” ( Alternative Communication Educator )

St. Crispins school has “ Calmy” Bear to follow their project.

Ysgol Heol Goffa school has “Communi” Bear to follow their project.

Fleming Fulton school has “ Clary” Bear to follow their project.

Enjoy the journey

Post Q’s on their experiences in the focus topics page if you wish.