Scoil Mochua Ersamus+ project began following the award of funding for a Key Action 2 programme which supports “Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only”.

The project has duration of 3 years but the implementation of actions hopes to continue well into the future beyond the project 3 year focus.

Scoil Mochua is the coordinating body for the project encompassing 3 other special schools.

Fleming Fulton Befast/Ysgol heol Goffa Wales/St. Crispins Scotland.

The project focuses on each schools population of students who are non verbal and who do not in the main use speech to communicate. Our common project focus is communication empowerment for these cohort of students.

The school share common student needs however have different jurisdictions, different curricula, cultures and practices. All schools share a whole school and whole staff enthusiasm to better and broaden student experiences of teaching and learning, to learn from each other’s experience and continue to build upon expertise and good practice.

The project intends to impact upon the students through staff training and learning events and to develop in each school action plans for teaching and learning.

The project encompasses:

Communication across all 4 schools.

Communication 4 ALL